Date: 7/23/2013 1:23:00 PM
RTI activist murdered by contractor in his home

One  more RTI Activist killed I don’t know when government is going to take action against the culprits.  Now a day’s killing RTI  activist and raping woman is like fashion any mafia is standing up and attacking activist like there is no police to  control  them they can do whatsoever they want to do and they are true coz government is not doing anything in this matter as if government should have made a law for rti activist to control attacks on them.

Many times there is a demand by RTI Activist’s for a law to protect them.

Many times attackers/killers are not even traced by the police like it happened in the case of Satish Sheety, Activist from Pune  was killed in 2012 still police is clueless about the killers.

Recently RTI activist was murdered by contractor in his home

Baban Kopde entered Vasant Patil's Bhandup home on Monday morning and stabbed him 22 times. Patil had filed several RTIs against Khopde over illegal constructions.
A 52-year-old man was murdered by a 32-year-old contractor at his Bhandup residence on Monday morning. The accused, who was arrested by the Bhandup police, said he stabbed the victim 22 times in an act of revenge. The victim, an
RTI activist, had filed several complaints and queries against the accused over illegal constructions in the area.According to the police, Patil, an RTI activist, had filed several queries against Kopde over alleged illegal constructions in the area. These RTIs troubled the land mafia, who had allegedly threatened Patil earlier. Patil owned a store next to his house.

I think now its time that all the activist to come together and fight for it activist should make their group of all India level to protect themselves from all these mafia’s

And the entire activist should write letters to CIC of India to look into this matter coz as government is not taking action against mafia/culprits.

As CIC made a decision of including political parties into RTI act like that CIC should do the needful in this matter.